About Nicole and The Culinary Cottage

“Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” ― Julia Child

        The Culinary Cottage came to life in January 2016, after Nicole began receiving requests for private cooking lessons. What started out as classes in her San Antonio home quickly blossomed, and The Culinary Cottage was born.  Nicole has always been passionate about cooking.  As a mother, she is even more passionate about fostering healthy eating habits, and believes good health starts in the kitchen.   Nicole is an ardent foodie; she was introduced to the culinary world at a very early age, spending countless hours in the kitchen with her Greek Grandmother, an amazing cook who brought people together through food. Many of Nicole's childhood memories are rooted in the culinary world; her father is a former restaurant owner and was integral in her teaching.  She never saw either her grandmother or father use a recipe, but instead learned from watching them pair flavors and textures together to create amazing meals.  Nicole loves a good meal, eating with loved ones, cooking for loved ones, and simply just being around food. 

       In addition to taking myriad cooking classes throughout her adult life, Nicole completed her Culinary Certification through an online CIA-designed course. She has won awards for her self-created desserts (her "diner-style" chocolate pie won 3rd place in the 2011 Texas Chocolate Festival), and prior to moving to San Antonio, she worked as a Pastry Chef for a small business in Boerne, Texas.  In March of 2018, Nicole and her family decided to relocate to the Texas Hill Country near beautiful New Braunfels.  Soon after the move, she found a new location for The Culinary Cottage in Bracken Village (conveniently located between San Antonio and New Braunfels), and loves the charming, intimate setting (and challenges!) of cooking in a 1915 cottage.

     Teaching people to cook is truly a dream come true, and through The Culinary Cottage, Nicole is able to share her love of culinary arts with others.  Many of the recipes she uses in her classes are her own creations, and she hopes to publish a cookbook someday.  In a world that has become clouded with fast food and instant, mass produced meals that are devoid of nutrition and taste, it is her heart's desire to inspire others to cook real food.